C6 by Anne Cohen
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C6 Princess Wide

0,17 ct. TW/VVS

C6 Princess Small

0,10 ct. TW/VVS

C6 Black Princess Wide

1 black diamond 0,17 ct.

C6 Black Princess Small

1 black diamond 0,10 ct.

C6 Baguette 

1 diamonds 0,22 ct. TW/VVS

C6 Black Baguette

5 black diamonds 0,49 ct. with white gold innerring with black rhodium

C6 Black Quintet

5 black diamonds 0,50 ct.

C6 Au Princess

1 diamonds 0,26 ct. TW/VVS framed in 18ct. gold

C6 Carbon Ring

Carbon rings with white gold or silver inner rings

C6 Cufflinks

0,10 ct. TW/VVS princess cut

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Custom Design Example:

C6 Black Baguette
9 black diamonds 0,90 ct. with white gold innerring