C6 by Anne Cohen
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Audi Sport by C6

Audi Sport and the red rhombus stand for ultimate performance, progressiveness and passion in motor sports. Carbon is one of the most effective materials employed in the production of high-performance cars.

C6 by Anne Cohen has designed a jewellery collection for Audi that innovatively combines carbon and diamonds in uniquely captivating pieces.

The philosophy

Carbon. A fundamental element of life. Older than the planet Earth. Hardly any other element appears naturally in such different forms. Diamond – hard and crystal clear.

Graphite – soft and dark. An element found in the earth and in the air. Its diversity makes carbon one of today’s most innovative raw materials. Its looks and forms reflect a world in motion and possess the ability of constant reinvention.

Now, carbon has been chosen as the basis for one of the most unusual collections of jewellery of our time – created by the Danish jewellery designer C6 by Anne Cohen..

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